Jurnal Surya Muda 2021-10-15T02:07:15+00:00 Fatikhah Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Jurnal Surya Muda</strong> adalah Jurnal dengan akses terbuka dengan ruang lingkup berbagai bidang keperawatan termasuk penelitian dasar dalam keperawatan, keperawatan manajemen, keadaan darurat, dan keperawatan kritis, keperawatan medis-bedah, keperawatan kesehatan mental, keperawatan bersalin, keperawatan bersalin, keperawatan anak, gerontologis keperawatan, keperawatan komunitas, keperawatan pendidikan keperawatan keluarga, pengobatan komplementer dan alternatif (CAMs, Complementary and alternative medicines) dalam keperawatan.</p> EFEKTIVITAS BUAH KURMA DAN BUAH BIT TERHADAP KADAR HEMOGLOBIN PADA IBU HAMIL TRIMESTER II DI WILAYAH PUSKESMAS KARANGAWEN II KABUPATEN DEMAK 2021-08-31T10:23:17+00:00 Wening Eka Cahya Ardhita Listya Fitriani Fhandy Aldy Mandaty Rizqitha Rizqitha <p><em>Pregnant women who suffer from anemia are at risk for miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight babies, and bleeding before and after childbirth. Data from the Karangawen II Health Center, Demak Regency, the number of pregnant women in 2017 was 910 pregnant women who experienced anemia. In 2018 the number of pregnant women with anemia was 915, in 2019 there were 932 pregnant women with anemia. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of dates and beets on hemoglobin levels in pregnant women in the second trimester at Karangawen II Public Health Center, Demak Regency. This type of research is a quasi-experimental. The research design used was a two group pre-test-post-test design. The study population was the population of pregnant women in the second trimester at the Karangawen II Public Health Center, Demak Regency who experienced anemia as many as 40 pregnant women. The number of samples of pregnant women in the second trimester at the Karangawen II Health Center Demak was 38 people. The sample was divided into two groups. 18 people of beetroot group and 18 people of dates. The sampling technique in this research is purposive sampling. Results: There are differences in hemoglobin levels of pregnant women in the second trimester at Karangawen II Health Center, Demak Regency before and after being given dates. There are differences in hemoglobin levels of pregnant women in the second trimester in the Karangawen II Public Health Center, Demak Regency before and after being given beets. </em></p> 2021-08-24T03:28:44+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING PERAWAT IGD RUMAH SAKIT JIWA DALAM MASA TUGAS COVID-19: STUDI FENOMENOLOGI 2021-08-31T10:23:17+00:00 Febriana Tri Kusumawati Luky Dwiantoro Devi Nurmalia <p><em>The COVID-19 pandemic experienced by people around the world has resulted in an increase in the number of patients and stressors for nurses in Mental Hospital Emergency Departments, and is exacerbated by the condition of mental patients who are unable to communicate properly. The quality of patient care in the ER is determined by the availability of the 5M element where nurses as a human element in the COVID-19 pandemic situation require more attention regarding psychological wellbeing. Psychological wellbeing of good nurses will have a positive impact on nursing services in the ER mental hospital. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences and feelings of psychologic wellbeing of </em>Surakarta <em>mental hospital emergency room nurses during the COVID-19 period. The research method used a qualitative design on the emergency room nurse mental hospital used Colaizzi analysis method. The results of the analysis of the participant interviews obtained seven themes, namely the meaning of psychological wellbeing (feeling happy, grateful to accept one's own condition, comfortable, useful and productive), Feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic (feelings at the beginning of the pandemic and current feelings), How to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. -19 (increased self-readiness, mutual care and support for fellow nurses, fulfillment of facilities and improvement of service systems), Hope for the COVID-19 pandemic (Joking freely and the pandemic will end soon and no health workers will fall), Changes experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic 19 (changes in regulations and culture in the face of a pandemic, changes in methods of studying online), experiences during work (pleasant experiences and bad experiences), families who always support carers (spouses and children and parents), and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic ( towards others and towards family). The conclusion now is that nurses feel more comfortable and calm in carrying out their duties. The nurses had made adaptations to reduce anxiety so as to improve the psychological wellbeing status of the nurses.</em></p> 2021-08-24T04:33:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## GAMBARAN PERAWATAN DIRI ANAK REMAJA PENYANDANG AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER DI ASRAMA 2021-09-01T01:36:24+00:00 Lisa Noviana Savitri Windy Rakhmawati Citra Windani Mambang Sari <p><em>A</em><em>dolescents with ASD who are living in dormitory with only the assistance of caregivers and without the presence of parents are demanded to be more independent in self-care</em><em>.</em> <em>Complex disorders that occur in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affect the child's self autonomy to fulfill self-care needs. This study aims to identify the description of self-care agency in adolescents with ASD who are living in dormitory of SLB “X” in Bandung District.This research used a quantitative descriptive design. The sample in this study was adolescents with ASD who are living in dormitory, used total sampling technique with the total of 35 people. The instrument of this study was Kenny Self Care Evaluation (KSCE) which was analyzed and presented in tabular form using frequency distribution in percentage.The results showed that in personal hygiene (74.3%) and toileting (71.4%) of respondents experienced total dependence. In transfer activities (77.1%), dressing (65.7%), and feeding (82.9%) of respondents needed minimal assistance or supervision. However, in activities in bed and locomotion all respondents were independent. The conclusion from this study shows that adolescents with ASD experienced the lowest level of independence where they needed total support in carrying personal hygiene and toileting activities. </em><em>Thus, it is </em><em>essential</em><em> for school </em><em>and dormitory </em><em>managers to work closely with community nurses to improve </em><em>adolescent</em><em>'s skills</em><em> in self-care</em><em> by providing education to both </em><em>adolescents</em><em> and caregivers.</em></p> 2021-08-24T06:47:30+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS FAKTOR PENGGUNAAN FORMALIN PADA PEDAGANG TAHU DI PASAR TRADISIONAL KOTA SERANG 2021-10-15T02:07:15+00:00 Fauzul Hayat Darusmini Darusmini <p><em>Formalin is known as a disinfectant, germicide and non-food preservative. For this reason, useing formalin in tofu food products is strictly prohibited. The importance of preventing the use of formalin in tofu traders has an impact on human health so it is safe for consumption</em><em>. The purpose of this study was to determine of formaldehyde used among tofu traders in the traditional market of Serang City. Cross-sectional study with total sampling technique. The research sample was 43 tofu traders and 43 tofu samples were taken. Questionnaire instrument to obtain data on the variables of knowledge, attitudes and supervision variables that had previously been tested for validity (r count &gt; r table) and reliability with Cronbach's alpha (α) value of 0.947 &gt; 0.60. Tofu formalin content examination was carried out by the Regional Health Laboratory (Labkesda) Serang City using the Schiff reagent test. The results showed that there were (67.4%) tofu trader were positive formalin. There is no relationship between attitudes and use of formaldehyde in tofu traders (p=1,000). There is a relationship between knowledge (p=0.016) and supervision (p=0.004) with the use of formalin in tofu traders. Application of regulations, supervision traders and producers to prevent the use of formaldehyde in food.</em></p> 2021-08-24T07:09:53+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## HUBUNGAN KARAKTERISTIK, PENGETAHUAN DAN KEPERCAYAAN DIRI DENGAN SIKAP PERAWAT DALAM PELAKSANAAN PERAWATAN METODE KANGURU DI RS SWASTA TIPE C 2021-08-31T10:23:18+00:00 Ni Ketut Adiana Tuti Asrianti Utami Paramitha Wirdani Ningsih <p><em>Kangaroo Treatment Method (PMK) has benefits for mothers, babies with low birth weight (LBW), health workers and hospitals. NICU nurses and Perina are important factors in the successful implementation of PMK. The purpose of the study was to analyze the relationship between characteristics, knowledge, self-confidence and attitudes of nurses in the implementation of kangaroo care methods. Quantitative research, with a cross-sectional design using Chi-Square analysis and a total sampling of 60 respondents. The research was conducted from November 2019 to August 2020. This research was awarded an ethical qualification from the Sint Carolus STIK Health Research and Development Ethics Commission. The results of the study explained that most of the ages 17-35 years 39 (65%), D3 education 45 (75%), working &gt; 5 years 38 (63.3%), not yet training 43 (71.7%), sufficient knowledge 40 ( 66.7%), confident 36 (60%) and have a good attitude 33 (55%) respondents. The results of Chi-Square analysis explained that there was a relationship between nurse age (p-value = 0.015), PMK training (p-value = 0.007) and there was no relationship between education (p-value = 0.653), length of work (p = 0.0095), knowledge (p-value = 0.099) and nurses' confidence (p-value = 0.244) with the attitude of nurses in implementing PMK in Type C Private Hospitals. This study recommends NICU nurses attend training on PMK so that nurses have a confident attitude in implementing PMK.</em></p> 2021-08-26T03:44:15+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGETAHUAN BERHUBUNGAN DENGAN STIGMA PADA ORANG TERKONFIRMASI POSITIP CORONA VIRUS DISEASE -19 2021-08-31T10:23:18+00:00 Ni Kadek Muliawati Ni Luh Putu Dewi Puspawati Ni Kadek Kembar Dani Sintaningsih <p><em>People who are confirmed to have Corona Virus Disease 19 (covid 19) in the community cause a stigma that can lead to discrimination. This study was conducted to determine the relationship between knowledge and stigma in people who were confirmed to be positive for corona virus disease -19 in Banjar Tegal, Bebalang Village, Bangli, Bali Province. Descriptive correlation is a type of research used with a quantitative research design. The sample is 89 people with simple random sampling technique. The instrument uses a questionnaire which is distributed online via google form. Data collection using google form with 10 questions related to knowledge and 30 questions related to stigma. Data analysis using Spearman rank with the result that the majority of knowledge in the sufficient category is 65 people (73.0%), most of the stigma is in the moderate category, namely 54 people (60.7%). Bivariate analysis obtained p value of 0.000 and r value of -0.548. There is a relationship between knowledge and stigma in people who are confirmed to be positive for corona virus disease -19 in Banjar Tegal, Bebalang Village, Bangli, Bali Province. The better the level of knowledge, the lower the stigma against people who are confirmed positive for COVID-19. The results of the study can be used as a reference for implementing health promotion programs to reduce stigma in people who are confirmed positive for the corona virus disease -19.</em></p> 2021-08-29T07:16:06+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##